Every day presents new challenges and no two days are alike

With more than 4,000 parameters and millions of potential combinations, no work day is ever boring for 59-year-old Michael Sørensen. He is an electronics technician at OJ Electronics and enjoys the highly complex tasks in his everyday work. His job is to find errors before the customer does.

Michael Sørensen has worked at OJ Electronics for 36 years. He has held six different positions, including posts in management and development. Now he is a specialist in functional testing of software for ventilation systems.

“It’s challenging when you have so many possible combinations in these highly complex systems. It’s all about finding the errors before the product is sent out to the customer. And if you have an error in ‘a’, you might end up having problems with ‘z’. It takes a structured approach, persistence and a strong overview – no two days are the same,” says Electronics Technician Michael Sørensen.

The testing systems have become much more advanced since he started at OJ Electronics. In the past, it took 14 days to conduct manual tests of 500 testing points on a ventilation system. Michael Sørensen contributed to the development of the automated testing system used today, which can inspect 9,000 testing points in just six hours.

“Our improved efficiency and ability to find errors helps to ensure quality, which guarantees the customer get the best possible product. And that’s what it’s ultimately all about. And that’s what motivates me. It’s solving all the errors and problems so that the customer gets a high quality product that meets expectations,” says Michael Sørensen.

A typical work day for the electronics technician involves the testing of newly-developed functions in software. He helps to identify errors or problems, writes test reports and proposes solutions. These efforts are conducted in collaboration with the software engineers. Michael and the engineers meet up several times daily to discuss their progress and ping-pong on new ideas.

At OJ Electronics, all of the staff are open to chatting and professional discussions. The company has a flat organisational structure, so if Michael Sørensen needs to get in touch with a programmer, product manager, or the CEO, he can go straight to the source and quickly get an answer to his question.

“We have a very open corporate culture. You can talk with everyone, and all input is taken into consideration. At OJ Electronics, we tackle challenges together, and I like that. You can’t always solve every problem or challenge on your own, but together we can do it all,” says Michael Sørensen.

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