Peter loves the contact he has with customers: It makes my day every day

After 20 years as an electrician, Peter Blom Villumsen was looking for something new. He briefly worked for a ventilation company before he found OJ Electronics. Now, he provides HVAC product support for customers who need help with their ventilation systems.

“It’s great. I look forward to going to work every day from the moment I wake up. I want to go to work and help our customers and see my colleagues. That is everything”, says 40-year-old Peter Blom Villumsen, who has been employed by OJ Electronics since August 2019.

Green energy had been an interest of Peter’s for some time, so when OJ Electronics called him, he didn’t take long to decide. And with his experience as an electrician and in ventilation, Peter had all the right credentials. But he still has much to learn. That’s why he values his department colleague, who has been with OJ Electronics for almost ten years. Peter’s days are filled with tasks that challenge and develop him, so that he continually gains more knowledge of the products and becomes more comfortable helping customers.

“Not a single day is the same and there’s never a dull moment. I get to speak to customers from all over Europe, in Danish, German and English, and we have chats about how they are doing. They like that. It is that type of customer contact that I love the most”, says Peter Blom Villumsen, who also highlights the satisfaction of feeling that you have completed a task. When he has helped a customer solve a problem and then receives a message that says “Amazing, thank you so much for all your help”.

Peter and his colleagues tend to spar with each other when it comes to bigger customer issues, in order to find the best solution for the customer. Peter likes to take those opportunities to expand his own knowledge of the products, by learning and listening to his more experienced colleagues. There are only two people who work in HVAC support, but their colleagues in other departments are not far away.

“Every one has time for each other. I know I can pop by their desk and ask for help if there is something I am unsure of. There is always someone on hand to help. It’s a pleasure coming to work”.

In addition to speaking to customers, part of Peter’s job is to edit and update instructions to make sure they have the latest information or, for example, updated drawings.

“Not only do I get to use my education, I also have the best colleagues, and it combines the professional and social aspects perfectly. It’s great having good colleagues who care and show an interest. It makes you feel valuable. It’s been fantastic throughout”, says Peter Blom Villumsen, whose work often involves communicating and sparring with customers and colleagues either by e-mail, phone or face-to-face – at OJ Electronics, and on business trips to customers abroad.

“And that suits me perfectly”, he concludes with a big smile.

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