Getting my dream job was like winning the lottery

When I read the job description, my first thought was that this job was written specifically for me, since I dreamed of working with process optimisation across a company. At the same time, I wished to be a part of daily business operations (purchase, production planning, sales order handling) in order to have an “up-to-date” picture of the company’s supply and value chain processes. Furthermore, I wanted to work for a company, where “everybody knows everybody” which makes it easier to cooperate every day.

My first impression of OJ was a professional, comprehensive and well-structured introduction process for new employees. On my first day, my manager introduced me to all of the departments and employees. It was a “real” company round-tour. On my second day, I was introduced to the new strategy of the company, called “WinNxtGen” through a half-day workshop. It was like a coincidence that I have started to work at OJ when the company started with its new 3-year strategy. The introduction process gave me an insight into the functions of the different departments and how tasks are organised cross functionally.

I was positively surprised that my colleagues always have time for me. It was like “natural” for them to spend a lot of time with me in the beginning, to show and explain the different business operations and workflows, and how they are connected. Two weeks after I have started working at OJ, my colleagues invited me to a joint social activity, called “hyggeaften”. I felt that I was welcome. One of the most important aspects at OJ is that you can be yourself. I felt accepted from day one.

Edina Nagy Jongschaap, Supply Chain Analyst at OJ Electronics

OJ is a development-, result- and customer-oriented company with a flat organisational structure that enables informal communication and encourages a good working environment. The employees at OJ like their jobs, work professionally and have a structured and proactive approach to their tasks. They have the team spirit needed to work successfully together. Besides, jokes, fun and good conversations, as part of OJ’s every day environment, have a positive effect on the employees’ performance. The employees at OJ are part of a big family.

I am working in the customer service department, which is a good mix of different generations, who have different skills, experiences and points of view. We complement each other perfectly giving a “whole which is greater than the sum of its parts”. Every day my colleagues give me the feeling of being a valuable member of the customer service team. I appreciate it very much. Although there are some peak-periods where our jobs require a lot of energy from us, at the same time, it gives a lot back every day.

Time flies and it has been nearly a year since I joined OJ. It feels longer since I learned and experienced a lot within this period. I had the opportunity to develop my skills through internal and external courses, through challenging tasks and projects, thus, via “learning by doing”. I gained comprehensive knowledge within field of demand forecast, which is one of my main responsibilities at OJ. Furthermore, I learned many practical things regarding daily business operations.

One of the best aspects of working as a supply chain analyst at OJ is, that I am working on various tasks and projects that I feel passionate about. This is a big motivation in every day work life. Since my colleagues around me have a similar passion for their jobs, nothing seems to be impossible at OJ. Furthermore, I have big freedom regarding my responsibilities that enables me to take initiatives and make a difference. I can use my full potential at OJ: I coordinate tasks and projects, organise work teams, improve business processes, ensure that things are done and that the results are achieved. I have ongoing collaborations both internally – cross functionally – and externally with customers.

OJ is a company that wants the best both for their customers and for their employees which is not given in all companies. I appreciate the values of OJ, and I find it incredibly inspiring to be part of an exciting journey with OJ’s ‘WinNxtGen’ strategy.

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