In the cloud with OJ

OJ is soon launching a new and exciting cloud-based product. The new system gives the end user direct and easy access to control and monitor AHU’s (Air Handling Units).

Klaus Herborg, Project and Product Manager of the new OJ Air Cloud© product, has participated in the project from day one.

The goal of the OJ Air Cloud© project was to develop a SCADA system for OJ AHU controls, focusing on giving users easy access to the controls. We have created a system that can be accessed and managed – simple and easy – by users themselves via the Cloud.

It has been very exciting to define system capability and to develop user interface and user access from scratch. We started the project in May 2017, and at a fair in Milan in the Spring of 2018 the customers once more confirmed that a system with simple access to AHU systems is in demand.
In the start-up phase and during the process, a systematic overview was required from me. Seeing the big picture gives a good feeling that everything is connecting. An important part of this is assembling the right team. A well-functioning teamwork plays a significant role, ensuring that the compiled, ongoing solutions are consistent with the goals set for the web-based Cloud© solution.

I find it interesting to work in a team. Co-operation across different professions is always exciting. In this case, I have worked with UX designers and software engineers, and the required product solutions are now falling into place.

It gives me a sense of accomplishment to be part of developing a user-friendly product, which provides good user experience and solutions, and ultimately adding value to our customers.

The customers, who viewed the product, are very interested and we expect a lot from their feedback.
I look forward to further developing the system, which has the potential to offer additional value to our customers via the endless possibilities and features of this product.

With this, OJ is really onto something remarkable!

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