Focus on leadership helps keep employee satisfaction and well-being levels high at OJ Electronics

Employees are generally happy working for OJ Electronics. This is revealed by the bi-annual employee satisfaction and well-being talks which show that the results are at a stable and high level. Both the relationships with colleagues and the company’s leadership style contribute to the positive responses.

Freedom with responsibility. Committed colleagues. Good communication. Mutual respect. And we celebrate our successes together. Employees have had no trouble coming up with positive descriptions of what it is like to work for OJ Electronics.

“We have a flat organisational structure where everyone can talk to everyone – no matter where in the building you may work. And it is motivating to have freedom with responsibilities. They trust that each individual employee is doing their best,” says Malene S. Olesen. For six years, she has been a sales assistant with OJ Electronics and she values the sense of community in the company.

“If we get a good result, we celebrate it together. Most of the time, multiple people have contributed to the success that was achieved. In such cases, OJ is good at bringing everyone together, because a salesperson cannot provide what the customer wants without the production team, and production is not possible without the components that the purchasers provide. We need each other, and we are good at working as a team towards a common goal,” she explains, and also references the various social events that help to create a positive atmosphere and make people happy at work.

Stefan Hansen has been an electronics technician at OJ Electronics for 22 years. For him, the good teamwork with colleagues is also an important factor when it comes to the high levels of job satisfaction.

“For me, job satisfaction goes hand in hand with good communication between colleagues and a mutual respect for each other’s work. Knowing that my colleagues are ready to let me run things by them when there are challenging tasks. I depend on good teamwork with my colleagues in order to solve my tasks, and I definitely have that here,” says Stefan Hansen.

However, the relationship with one’s manager is also an important factor, employees say. The company’s leadership style helps to ensure high levels of employee satisfaction and job well-being.

“We have a good and strong company culture, and this is reflected in us employees being very committed and feeling a sense of ownership for our jobs. At the same time, the management team really focuses on informing us about our values so that everyone knows them and can work accordingly,” says sales assistant Malene S. Olesen.

At OJ Electronics, there is a constant and systematic focus onleadership. There are 1:1 meetings between employees and their managers minimum six times per year, so managers are quite familiar with each individual and their day-to-day work.

“This definitely contributes to my job satisfaction and well-being, because in those meetings I can address some of the things that might otherwise have a negative impact. And the management team is good at communicating how the company is doing. This makes me feel at ease and secure,” says electronic technician Stefan Hansen.

“Besides the individual meetings, strategic initiatives concerningleadership and values are also being worked with throughout the organisation. Furthermore, all managers meet quarterly discussing various themes and running ideas by each other,” says HR Director Marianne Betzer.

“In other words, leadership is a discipline that requires constant focus and hard work. And we can see that it pays off, as employees respond positively by continuously reporting a stable and very high level of employee satisfaction,” she says.

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