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The only AHU controller you will ever need

The AHC-3000 AHU control range is a fully rounded, complete solution. You don’t need any other equipment or programming. With the AHC-3000, designing very cost-efficient solutions is simplicity itself.

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AHV 3000 application

AHC-3000Aimed at smaller systems, but scalable to any needs

The AHC-3000 AHU controller range is aimed especially at smaller system types such as decentralised and compact ventilation systems. It offers all the standard functions required by most systems – and a choice of models, components and pre-programmed add-on options makes the system entirely scalable to match your needs.

Save up to 92% compared to traditional BMS solutions

In decentralised ventilation systems, the AHC-3000 lets you monitor and control up to 25 AHUs via a single touch panel. The result? You get to create very competitive BMS solutions straight out of the box. We call this ‘BasicBMS’ – and it typically brings savings of up to 92% compared to traditional BMS solutions.


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