OJ Air in HVAC systems will help reach EU climate goals

The EU Commission has set aside large sums to reduce carbon emissions within the EU. Billions of Euro has been allocated to renovate millions of buildings to make them more energy efficient. OJ Electronics’ OJ Air controls help create the modularity required of next-gen HVAC solutions, thereby assisting developers and contractors in reaching the ambitious EU goals. OJ Air comes with a cloud-based interface, making daily operation smoother and much faster. It helps operators do preventive maintenance before people in the building notices anything was ever off. So, whether you are to implement an AHU-system in a public school or in a retail outlet, setups with an OJ Air solution will surely help you get there.

Use OJ Air to help reach ambitious EU climate goals

672.5 billion euro (US$780bn). That is what the EU commission has set aside for a ‘renovation wave’ across Europe. 37% of its charter is earmarked for green initiatives, such as the renovation of some 35 million buildings in Europe – all before 2030. Implementing modern HVAC systems will play an essential part in this, and the OJ Air systems allows developers and contractors to start right away.

Modern HVAC systems make a difference

With its strategy – “A Renovation Wave for Europe – Greening our buildings, creating jobs, improving lives” – the EU has embarked on a journey to become a climate-neutral continent by 2050. According to the EU commission, 40% of CO2-emissions in Europe comes from houses and buildings. Overall insulation and better HVAC solutions will play a key part in reducing the combined carbon footprint from buildings.

Schools all over Europe in need of ventilation

Public buildings, such as schools, are likely the first to benefit from the EU funds. Many schools have old and rather simple ventilation today – some none at all. With pandemic viruses and general air quality in mind, this is about to change, and OJ Electronics already has systems cut for this.

OJ Electronic’s Mission Statement: Improving the climate. Always – through connected electronic solutions

Our dedication to sustainability is reflected in our ambition to develop intelligent solutions which ensure maximum comfort with the lowest possible energy consumption – to the benefit of everyone involved. Learn more about our green vision, strategy, and impact here. https://ojelectronics.com/about-us/sustainability/

OJ Air designed to meet core needs

In order to succeed together, achieving climate neutrality in 2050, several fundamental requirements to new AHU systems have to be met.
“The entire setup around our OJ Air controllers are versatile and quite flexible,” says Jens Antonsen, who is the Product Manager behind the entire OJ Air concept. “It really is an all-inclusive package, allowing you to customise and fit your solution to almost any scenario”.

Naturally, a highly automated system able to precisely ventilate, heat or cool multiple rooms and accommodate many people in a building is rather complex. Even so, Antonsen’s team has done everything to “hide” complexity in OJ-solutions. Fast assembly time and easy system setup were key demands from the start, in order to provide simple and seamless user-experiences. But that’s not all.

“OJ Air systems were designed to be modular from the outset. Adding the cloud-based interface made daily operation smoother and much faster too. It helps operators do preventive maintenance before people in the building notices anything was ever off. We really have made it very easy to create great ventilation – for schools or any other facility”.
Jens Antonsen from OJ Electronics

Jens Antonsen, Product Manager, OJ Electronics

Three examples of ventilation solutions for schools

Normally, AHU systems for schools would be one of three setups. Either:

Decentralised ventilation setup

This solution provides balanced ventilation in every classroom. The risk of overflow of contaminated air from neighbouring rooms is very low. It provides individual demand control in each room, as well as monitoring, logging and documentation on all set data values in the OJ Air Cloud. Operation interruptions will be reported to the responsible technician on the fly, enabling him/her to do preventive maintenance.

Suggested solution:

OJ Air AHC-3000

OJ Air2 - decentralised ventilation system

Centralised ventilation setup

This setup requires an AHU in each wing of the school. The advantage here is, that fewer ventilation systems needs to be monitored and maintained. However, the monitoring and documentation is still logged via the OJ Air Cloud setup. Also, the instant notification via e-mail or mobile phone text message is available here.

Suggested solution:

One air handling unit mounted with ACH-3000 or OJ-Air2 for each wing – all connected via OJ Air Cloud.

OJ Air2 - centralised ventilation system

Semi-centralised ventilation setup

This is a unique OJ Electronics solution, allowing you to connect one OJ Air2 controller to four zones/rooms at the school. In a way, this is the best of both worlds – centralised and decentralised. It provides balanced ventilation in all four classrooms with hardly any risk of overflow of contaminated air from the other three rooms. However, it still allows for full demand control in each room, with individual logging and documentation of data values via OJ Air Cloud, and, of course, instant notification through either e-mail or cell phone (or both) to service technician.

Suggested solution:

OJ Air2 controller with 4 zones
OJ Air2 - semi-centralised ventilation system

Tried-and-tested and future proof

No matter what setup you choose, Jens Antonson guarantees the OJ Air programme is wrapped and ready for the EU renovation wave and the digital transformation following it.

Everything around the programme has been tried and tested. We literally have thousands of systems already in operation around the world. The only thing remotely new here is the OJ Air Cloud update.

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