Mastering Ultra-Low Harmonics: Understand the Full Potential of the OJ DV ULH Drive by OJ Electronics

At OJ Electronics, we've been at the forefront of technological advancements in the HVAC industry. One example of our commitment to innovation is the OJ DV ULH Drive. This Ultra-Low Harmonic drive is specifically designed to meet the growing demand for energy efficiency, superior power quality, and significant cost savings. It proves particularly beneficial for commercial applications with sensitive electronic equipment, such as data centers, hospitals, and airports.

Addressing harmonic distortion has become an increasingly critical issue in the past decades for the HVAC industry. Harmonic distortion is more than just a technical concern; it can lead to premature equipment failure, increased utility costs, and potential penalties for non-compliance with regulatory standards. “Developing the OJ DV ULH Drive was our way of effectively mitigating these challenges while offering tangible financial benefits to our customers,” explains Preben D. Jessen, our Head of Drive Products, the responsible for developing the OJ DV ULH Drive.

“Our analysis shows that the OJ DV ULH Drive offers an estimated saving of €43,169 over ten years in electricity costs alone (it excludes costs with installation and active filter) when applied to a data center with 112 pieces of OJ-DV 5.5kW. Furthermore, our drive meets harmonic standards like IEEE519, helping businesses avoid potential fines and penalties.”

Preben Jessen from OJ Electronics

Preben D. Jessen, Head of Drive Products, OJ Electronics

OJ DV ULH Drive Estimated Electricity Savings Over 10-year

According to him, it was also important that we adopt a tailored approach with the OJ DV ULH Drive. “We have created a product that’s not only technologically advanced but also deeply customer-centric. The design flexibility ensures customers do not overspend on unnecessary features, and they can enhance their systems as their needs evolve,” says Preben.

During the 2023 ISH Exhibition in Frankfurt, our OJ DV ULH Drive was recognized for its superior quality and energy efficiency. “We were incredibly pleased to receive positive feedback from industry professionals, reaffirming our team’s hard work and dedication. The OJ DV ULH Drive contributes to a more sustainable future. It reduces electricity usage, thereby cutting CO2 emissions. As businesses worldwide strive to decrease their carbon footprint, our drive offers a viable solution for greener HVAC operations,” he states.


The OJ DV ULH Drive’s Technical Prowess

The OJ DV ULH Drive’s technical prowess lies in its 3-phase active Power Factor Correction (PFC), ensuring a Total Harmonic Distortion of Current (THD(i)) below 1.5% at full load and below 3% at 10-100% load. In line with IEC 61000-3-2, Class A, the drive has a power factor exceeding 0.99 and an efficiency rate of over 96%. It complies with CE & UL regulations while maintaining the same interface, options, and supporting products familiar to the standard OJ DV series.


The OJ DV ULH Drive enhances HVAC industry operations, streamlining assembly processes for fan builders, reducing calculations for engineering consultants, improving space utilization, and reducing the risk of system breakdowns for end users.

Preben sums up the significance of the OJ DV ULH Drive: “The development of the OJ DV ULH Drive is a significant step forward in the HVAC industry. It addresses critical concerns around harmonic distortion while maintaining user-friendly design and installation practices. It offers a proactive approach to managing harmonics while providing unique advantages.”

Testing OJ DV ULH DriveThe OJ DV ULH Drive eliminates the need for external filters, simplifies the installation process as it maintains the same mounting and installation as the standard OJ DV Drive, and allows fan units to be assembled and tested for harmonic compliance directly from the factory. All these advantages ensure ease of use and compatibility across all HVAC operations.

At OJ Electronics, we will continue innovating, always keeping our customers’ needs at the forefront. Our commitment to our customers and the environment shines through in every aspect of our work. We take pride in delivering products like the OJ DV ULH Drive that meet industry demands, offer significant cost savings, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

We are excited to explore new developments in this space as we look ahead. We invite you to explore more about harmonics and harmonic mitigation on the OJ Electronics website. Stay connected by signing up for our newsletter, and don’t miss out on our future articles and updates.


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