Ultra-Low Harmonic Drive

    The OJ DV Ultra Low Harmonic drive lets you reduce harmonic distortion with an easy-to-install, compact solution. The 3-phase active frontend incorporated into the drive housing eliminates the need for additional filters and cables, enabling you to create fully finished, factory-tested units that offer minimal harmonic distortion.

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  • H1 housing


    Drives dedicated for ventilation applications

    OJ DV has been designed with ventilation applications in mind. It has one focus: to deliver exactly the features and functionalities you need from a ventilation drive, for any fan application.

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  • H1 housing


    DV drives designed for up to 600V supply voltage

    The OJ DV series now includes six new variants for use with 600V supply voltage. They have all the durability, flexibility and features familiar from the original DV series – making its benefits available to a wider range of
    applications worldwide.

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  • OJ-VCH-HMI3-6132

    OJ Drives Controller

    Specifically designed for energy renovation projects, this compact, user-friendly unit offers costeffective control for your ventilation system. You also get control and an intuitive touch-screen interface built into a single product.

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  • OJ-DV-HMI-35T

    Handheld service tool for OJ DV, OJ DVULH and OJ DC

    A handheld user-friendly interface, build around a 3.5 inch graphical touchscreen dedicated for operating a OJ DV, OJ DVULH and OJ DC drive.

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  • OJ-Drives-Accessories

    Extension Cards

    The OJ Drives® accessories are interface extension cards for mounting inside the OJ Drives® range.

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  • OJ-DV-Pctool

    OJ-DV service and Engineering PC tool

    Service and engineering PC tool for controlling, monitoring, setting up and configuring OJ DV products.

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