OJ Air2 enters the cloud on 1 March!

OJ Air Cloud® is now enabled on new OJ Air2 units.
All OJ Air2 units controllers made after 1 March will be OJ Air Cloud®-enabled. This means that you can now benefit from cloud access for AHU and ventilation controls.

Quicker troubleshooting

For example, OJ Air Cloud® helps reduce downtime of AHU systems by enabling quicker, easier troubleshooting and remote support than ever. With OJ Air Cloud®, you get access to data logging, customised dashboards, easy diagnostics by means of visual graphs, device view, alarms via email and a user actions log.

What you see, they see

With OJ Air Cloud®, everyone is on the same page. No matter where you are, you can access the same data at the same time, giving you instant access to the information required to resolve any issues.

Arrive prepared!

With OJ Air Cloud®, service partners can check everything they need to know before setting out for problem sites – and arrive fully prepared with all the right spare parts.

It’s free!

Using OJ Air Cloud® is entirely free for the first 12 months.

Getting started is easy

To start using OJ Air Cloud®, simply access the ‘Cloud’ tab, use your activation code found in the touch control panel to create your cloud account.

Available on all new OJ Air2 and AHC-3000 units

OJ Air Cloud® is enabled on all OJ Air2 standard controllers ordered after 1 March 2019. If the benefits of OJ Air Cloud® appeal to you, don’t forget that our new AHC-3000 controller also comes OJ Air Cloud®-enabled out of the box.

Please note that only OJ Air2 units with factory installed software version 5.0 can access OJ Air Cloud®.

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